Project Results

CSI-COP results will include public reports available to anyone to read and download about work completed in sub-projects (work packages – WP).

Public reports realised from tasks in CSI-COP work packages are available to download from this site, from the EU Cordis page and from Zenodo open-access platform.

  • WP1 – project management: ongoing. Reports produced include data management plans (DMP1 & DMP2); policy brief1; societal impact.
  • WP2 –  completed September 2020. Research on how to do citizen science: reports available to download from Zenodo and below.
  • WP3 – completed in June 2022. Engaging the general public based on WP2 findings – reports available to download from Zenodo and below.
  • WP4 – completed in January 2023. Website and apps investigations by citizen scientists are now ready to explore through open-access databases from below – select project result D4.1 for websites, and D4.2 for apps. Report on who the citizen scientists were in CSI-COP (volunteers from members of the public who conducted website and app investigations), can be found below, D4.3 document.
  • WP5 – begun preparation. With Coventry University CSI-COP sub-contractor, Xcel Resources Ltd., innovation of online searchable repository based on WP4.

  • Data Management Plan 3

    This is the third and final CSI-COP data management plan (DMP3) detailing the data produced and data collected during the fina....

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  • Taxonomy of Cookies and Online Trackers

    The taxonomy presents a classification of digital cookies and online trackers. The report is aimed at the general public, incl....

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  • Who are citizen scientists?

    CSI-COP report D4.3 details the citizen scientists who joined the project to investigate beneath websites and apps for online ....

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  • Citizen Scientists’ App Investigations

    CSI-COP citizen scientists investigated over three hundred and forty (340) apps as part of their contribution to monitoring co....

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  • Citizen Scientists’ Website Investigations

    CSI-COP citizen scientists investigated over eight hundred and fifty (850) websites as part of their contribution to monitorin....

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  • CSI-COP Data Management Plan 2

    This is CSI-COP’s second data management plan (DMP2). It is a mid-term report presenting new data that the project is co....

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  • CSI-COP Societal Impact 1

    The report presents CSI-COP’s project interim societal impact. This initial impact in Period 2 of thevproject has mainly been ....

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  • CSI-COP Trained Citizen Scientists

    The initial societal impact from the CSI-COP project included change in consortium partner behaviour as they used the internet....

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  • Citizen Science Community

    This public report presents CSI-COP update on the citizen science engagement activities in the project’s work package 3 ....

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  • CSI-COP’s first policy brief

    You can read the project’s first policy brief [deliverable D1.13/D29] advocating privacy-by-design as a norm on website....

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