CSI-COP’s 11 th Newsletter Presents:

  • Project purpose: page 1
  • Free educational resource ‘Your Right to Privacy Online’ (MOOC): page 1
  • App tracking in the news: page 2
  • Project updates: page 3
  • Partner Activities: page 4
  • Guest Interview – CSI-COP Citizen Scientist Felix Arion: page 11
  • Meet Matthias Pocs from CSI-COP partner STELAR : page 13
  • CSI-COP partners: page 14

CSI-COP’s 12
th and final Newsletter presents:

  • Project conclusion – page 1
  • Free educational resource ‘Your Right to Privacy Online’ (MOOC): page 1
  • CSI-COP in Memento Museum, Auch-France: page 2
  • CSI-COP in Sziget Festival, Budapest-Hungary: pages 3-5
  • Partner Activities: page 6
  • CSI-COP thank-you and three steps to personal data protection online: page 6
  • CSI-COP partners: page 7


CSI-COP’s 9th Newsletter Presents:

  • Project purpose – page 1
  • Free educational resource ‘Your Right to Privacy Online’ (MOOC): page 1
  • Project updates incl. ‘Best Innovative Privacy Project’ Piccaso Privacy award: page 2
  • Partner Activities: page 3
  • Guest Interview: CSI-COP Citizen Scientist: page 6
  • Meet more of CSI-COP team members: page 8
  • CSI-COP partners: page 15

CSI-COP’s 10th Newsletter

CSI-COP’s 10th Newsletter Presents:

  • Project updates since the last newsletter.
  • Preparations for CSI-COP’s main project event in Brussels 23-26 May, 2023.
  • Interview with a citizen scientist on why online data protection and privacy are important.

CSI-COP’s 7th Newsletter

CSI-COP’s 7th Newsletter Presents:

  • Project purpose – page 1
  • Free Informal education ‘Your Right to Privacy Online’ course/MOOC: page 1
  • Partner updates: pages 2-4
  • Project updates: Big Cookie Count, project achievements, future events – pages 4-6
  • Interview: Dr. Emma L. Briant, a researcher on Netflix documentary ‘The Great Hack’ – pages
  • CSI-COP partners: page 11

CSI-COP’s 8th Newsletter

CSI-COP’s 8th Newsletter Presents:

  • Project purpose – page 1
  • Free educational resource ‘Your Right to Privacy Online’ (MOOC): page 1
  • Project updates: page 2
  • Partner Activities: page 3
  • European Researchers’ Night: page 6
  • Interview with three of CSI-COP’s role models and Principal Investigators: page 9
  • CSI-COP partners: page 12

Fifth News Letter

CSI-COP’s 5th NewsletterFebruary-March 2022 updates on consortium partner gathering in December 2021 in Patras – Greece. Information on forthcoming free half-day informal education workshops is also presented. The workshops are based on CSI-COP’s ‘Your Right to Privacy Online‘ course.

Sixth News Letter

In CSI-COP’s April-May 2022 #6 newsletter, in addition to project updates and partner activities, we present a fascinating interview of a citizen scientist: Alice Sheppard. Find out how citizen science participation boosts confidence and helps to advance science.

Third News Letter

CSI-COP project’s third newsletter presents an interview on misinformation and fake news with Vian Bakir, Professor in Journalism.

Information is also provided for the project’s first real-time and free online course Your Right to Privacy Online‘:

Fourth News Letter

CSI-COP’s fourth newsletter, December 2021, presents project updates on recent and planned informal education workshops based on CSI-COP’s MOOC. Trivia in this edition shows a link between the citizen science project’s acronym and the prolific science fiction author, Isaac Asimov.

First Newsletter

CSI-COP’s First Newsletter Presents: Project Introduction, update on the project at the end of its first year ,interview of CSI-COP Advisory Board member, Professor Darlene Cavalier

Second Newsletter

CSI-COP’s second newsletter gives updates on the project: including the availability of the free, online informal education course about Your Right to Privacy Online‘.