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About us

On this page you can find information about CSI-COP project’s objectives and expected impact.
Why choose Us?

CSI-COP objectives include

  • Citizen scientists engaged in exploring websites, and apps on their smart devices, to record number and types of cookies
  • Citizen scientists co-creating a taxonomy of trackers in cookies and apps
  • Citizen scientists co-creating an open-access, searchable online repository of website and app trackers

Why choose Us?

CSI-COP Expected Impacts include:

  • Development of New Knowledge and Innovations by Citizen Scientists
  • Impact on the Citizen Scientists
  • Impact on Responsible Research and Innovation

Why choose Us?

Goals of CSI-COP project include:

  • Raise awareness of data protection rights accorded in the general data protection regulations (GDPR)
  • Foster culture of privacy-preserving development in digital technologies
  • Nurture citizen science pro-privacy champions

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A free-to-access knowledge base of trackers and cookies in websites and mobile apps is now available to search. The repository has been designed with feedback from CSI-COP’s citizen scientists, the project's researchers and stakeholders.

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