CSI-COP at Ideas Fest 2022


CSI-COP were present in the inaugural Ideas Fest 2022, at Wickham, Hampshire UK 3-4 August 2022.

Ideas Fest provided a great opportunity for Coventry University to explain one of its research and innovation projects, CSI-COP, to members of the public attending in Wickham. CSI-COP team members had lots of great conversations. It was fantastic seeing how such a huge event is put together watching on set-up day on Tuesday 2nd August, really impressed with the Ideas Fest team’s hard work to make it a very memorable event.

Additionally, Dr. Huma Shah, Director of Science and Co-Investigator in CSI-COP was part of a panel discussion on ‘People like me: Why representation matters in the workplace’ alongside entrepreneurs and industry experts from private and social enterprises. Coventry University PhD students Sara Sardari and Rashid Barket helped Huma, and CSI-COP Research Assistant, Jaimz Winter throughout the set-up and two-day Ideas Fest event.

Pictures from CSI-COP’s participation are below.

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