Here you will be able to read blog posts about the CSI-COP project.

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CSI-COP Summer 2023 at Czech Technical University (CTU) in Prague

On 25th of July, Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU) partner carried out a CSI-COP workshop with a group of 35 international students from Frenc....

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Engaging Citizen Science Conference Aarhus, Denmark. (25th & 26th April 2022)

This year’s Engaging Citizen Science Conference was hosted in Aarhus, Denmark. The purpose of the conference was to engage citizen science researchers ....

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Fake News: Interview with Professor Vian Bakir

This blog post featuring Professor Vian Bakir first appeared as an interview in CSI-COP’s third newsletter . Please tell us a little about y....

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CSI-COP Recruitment in Hungary

This article is also available in Hungarian text . The Hungarian partner in the CSI-COP consortium, the Association of Hungarian Women in Scienc....

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Czech Technical University European Researchers’ Night: 24 September 2021

The European Researchers’ Night has a tradition of nearly 20 years. This  Europe-wide public event, funded under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie actio....

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Girls’ Day in 2020: How did the coronavirus pandemic affect one of the most important annual events of CSI-COP Partner ’Association of Hungarian Women in Science’?

Girls’ Day is an international civic initiative aimed at increasing the proportion of girls in STEM and ICT education and, as a consequence, thei....

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Blog post 2: 04 December 2020

Following the cookie crumbs: discrimination as a result of online tracking Every day, people use a multitude of websites for shopping their favorite....

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Blog post 1: 10 June 2020

The 30-month CSI-COP research and innovation project began in earnest in January 2020, month 01. The once-in-a-hundred years’ Covid-19 pandemic affecte....

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