CU is the co-ordinator of the CSI-COP project. CU will manage the project and coordinate its activities throughout the three years. CU will pay special attention to the quality of the research under each project objective, and ensure that CSI-COP is successful in meeting milestones within the project, and achieving its specific project objectives. It will closely follow-up the implementation of all tasks and ensure highest standards in the organisation of project events.

In addition to project management CU will produce two societal impact assessment reports (Task 1.3), one mid-way in the project and one at the end of the project. CU will participate in tasks in work package 2 (Framework for Citizen Science Engagement). In work package 3 (Recruitment and Training Citizen Scientists), CU will organise training workshops (Task 3.2.1) and co-create the free informal education resource ‘Your Right to Privacy Online’. In work package 4 (Citizen Science Investigating GDPR compliance) CU will contribute to all tasks and lead Task 4.2 (Citizen Scientists Apps Investigations). CU will lead WP5 including innovating the open-access knowledge resource of digital Trackers(repository). In WP6 CU will lead Task T6.1 (website), and Task 6.3, coordinating the main project dissemination event in Brussels, as well as contributing to all other WP6 activities.


UPAT will contribute to all CSI-COP work packages, the main tasks involve leading WP3 and lead WP6. Lead the partners involved in recruiting and training a community of citizen scientists and organize one of the six training workshops in Task 3.2 in Patras to train the citizen scientists to conduct the planned investigation.


NaTE will participate in all work packages. Their main involvement in CSI-COP is in:

WP2: Lead Task 2.2 – Develop Guidelines for gender balanced recruitment and selection of citizen scientists

WP4: Lead Task 4.3 – Systematically record the gender, age, socio-economic and geographical distribution of the citizen scientists

WP6: NaTE lead the final task T6.6 final project report


UOULU will participate in all work packages. UOULU’s main role is in:

Leading WP4: Lead partners in managing and supporting citizen scientists in their investigations of cookies and apps

WP3: UOULU will organise one of the citizen science training workshops in Oulu (Task 3.2).

WP6: UOULU will lead the communication activities: authoring the project’s scientific publications (Task 6.2). Organise one of the citizen science-stakeholder cafés in Oulu (Task 6.4) and organise one of the Parent-Teacher Round Tables in Oulu (Task 6.5).


BIU will participate across CSI-COP’s work packages. Their main role in CSI-COP is:

In WP3: Organise one of the citizen science training workshops in Tel Aviv (Task 3.2)

In WP6: organise a citizen science-stakeholder café in Tel Aviv (Task 6.4); and organise a Parent-Teacher Round table in Tel Aviv (Task 6.5). Contribute to the communication, dissemination and exploitation activities (T6.2 and T6.3).


CTU will participate across the work packages, their main role is to:

Lead WP2. CTU will lead the partners involved to develop a Framework for Citizen Science Engagement.

In WP 3 CTU will organise one of the GDPR training workshops in Prague for (Task 3.3).

In WP6 CTU will organize one of the citizen science-stakeholder engagement cafés in Prague (Task 6.4). Organise one of the Parent-Teacher Round tables in Prague (Task 6.5). CTU will additionally contribute to communication, dissemination and exploitation activities in this work package.


As well as participating in WP1 project management and WP6 contributing to communication activities STELAR’s main role in CSI-COP will be to contribute privacy law expertise.

In WP3: Contribute to Task 3.2 coordinating legal data protection and privacy requirements analysis and compliance support monitoring.

In WP4: Provide privacy and law expertise to citizen scientists’ investigations of cookies (Task 4.1) and apps (Task 4.2)

In WP5: Contribute to the creation of a publicly accessible web-based knowledge resource sharing profiling, marketing and other trackers embedded in website cookies and smart device apps.

In WP6: Contribute to communication, dissemination and exploitation activities (Task 6.1, Task 6.2, and 6.3).


IB will contribute to WP1 project management, to WP3 attending one of the training workshops for citizen scientists learning GDPR and compliance. Their main role in CSI-COP is in:

WP2: Lead Task 2.1. With experience in citizen science, IB leads the partners involved in exploring existing citizen science methodologies, projects and activities to contribute to development of a framework for CSI-COP recruitment and training.

In WP6: IB will participate in all WP6 activities.


UAB will contribute across CSI-COP work packages, their main role is in:

WP3: Lead Task 3.1. Steer partners involved in recruiting citizen scientists. Lead Task 3.2.7 develop CSI-COP’s MOOC from data protection and GDPR compliance material compiled by the privacy and data protection expert partners.

In WP6: UAB will contribute to all activities in WP6 as well as lead task T6.5 parent-teacher roundtables.