Citizen Science Community


This public report presents CSI-COP update on the citizen science engagement activities in the project’s work package 3 in the CSI-COP project performed by the relevant project partners starting towards the end of the project’s Period 1 (Month 10- October 2020), to the end of Period 2 (Month 30-June 2022). Citizen science involvement was launched from CSI-COP’s framework developed in the research phase of the project in work package 2. The CSI-COP project gained a twelve-month extension to the project following an Amendment that included the termination of one partner and redistribution of effort. Despite COVID-19 severely affecting engagement of the general public, CSI-COP have reached thousands across Europe and the world raising awareness of the extent of online tracking by third-parties in websites and apps. This work, with the objective of assisting the EU with monitoring compliance of the general data protection regulation (GDPR), will continue in work package 6 tasks. CSI-COP’s effort will be updated in deliverables for tasks T6.4 (exploitation: citizen science stakeholder cafes), and T6.5 (parent-teacher roundtables). However, at the time of this deliverable (D3.1 /D13] almost 300 people have completed CSI-COP’s free informal education course, ‘Your Right to Privacy Online’. Additionally, more than fifty members of the general public have joined the project and are part of CSI-COP’s community of citizen scientists. The delay in submission of this deliverable is due to the lead author contracting a variant of COVID-19 in May 2022.

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