Deliverable D2.1 : CS Research report. Public report on current methods in CS Engagement


Executive Summary :
This report outlines the result of exhaustive literature review of the best practices in citizen science engagement, motivation and impact. Additionally, for part of this exploration, the authors followed the seven specific questions from the CSI-COP project and spun off another three.
This way, the project team took into consideration a broader number of perspectives in their quest of finding the most suitable engagement methods, specific to their project.
An important occurrence of this project, a turn that happened in the middle of the task that was set to create this deliverable was the COVID-19 outbreak.

Keywords: citizen science, cookies, data collection, dark patterns, data protection, data protection laws, digital divide, ePrivacy, GDPR, gender, geographical location, motivation, privacy, privacy-by-default, privacy-by-design, socio-economic factors, tracking.

This pie chart displays the types of sources that were exhaustively researched for D2.1: 'Citizen Science (CS) Research report. Public report on current methods in CS Engagement'. You can download the report from here:

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