New project: SensJus


The Sensing for Justice (SensJus) project researches the potential of grassroots-driven environmental monitoring, i.e. Citizen Sensing, as a source of evidence in environmental justice litigation, and as a tool for environmental mediation in extra-judicial setting. Our research addresses an urgent need for multi- and interdisciplinary research to understand emerging possibilities of the practice and to provide scientific evidence for decision-making in Europe. 

SensJus will redefine Citizen Sensing as a manifestation of the broader Citizen Science practice having a potential as source of evidence acceptable in environmental litigation, as an exercise of the right to contribute to environmental information and even as a method to foster environmental mediation. The envisaged opportunities of our idea are many, ranging from a closer connection of the affected people to environmental litigation, to a wider, more diverse and inclusive availability of evidence on critical environmental issues, to the possibility of even mitigating the conflict.

SensJus is developed with the support of an individual research grant of the Dutch Research Council NWO, the Rubicon fellowship .  The project is implemented by Dr. Anna Berti Suman and Dr. Sven Schade at the European Commission Joint Research Centre (see 

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